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Picture taken by Frederico of Icaro Tours in Xela, Guatemala.
Picture taken by Frederico of Icaro Tours in Xela, Guatemala.

It’s a fool’s task to try and define me into any particular job, quality, or even location.  Change has been one of the few constants in my life, a trait which makes writing an “About Me” page all the more challenging.  That being said, here are some of the highlights which should enlighten you, or at least introduce you, to the wonder which is ME…

In many ways I consider my life experience, especially since graduating from university, to be similar to that of the character Forrest Gump.  Mental slowness jokes aside, in the film Forrest accepted any and all opportunities which presented themselves to him and exceeded in them all simply by fully committing to each challenge and doing his best by them.  I would like to think that I have done the same.

My path has taken me off the beaten track for sure, and to some it might seem unorthodox, but to me it’s normal.  I have spent the last 8 years or so traveling the world.  I’ve had to adapt myself to a variety of different cultures, languages and foods while constantly meeting new and interesting people.  I’ve pushed the boundaries of my skills and creativity while successfully working in such jobs as a teacher, author, oyster farmer, kangaroo babysitter, sculptor, musician, director of social projects, and much more…

I enjoy learning, meeting new people, witnessing change, discussing religion (respectfully), experiencing nature, language acquisition, open mindedness, hiking things which go BOOM!, new food recipes, being productive, exercise science, fantasy baseball, doing things for the first time (whatever they may be), people who are fearless, and sharing, among other things.

I’ve always found the prospect of writing an “About Me” page odd.  I believe that a persons’ own image of themselves is incomplete without the perspective and endorsement of those who he/she has influenced… that being said, I hope I have provided an honest and unbiased profile of myself, and if anyone would like to corroborate (or refute) what I have written please do so freely and with my permission…


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